Night Photography Workshops

I teach four nightscape photography workshops in Joshua Tree National Park  for the Desert Institute of the Joshua Tree National Park Association.  One each in the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.  During these workshops you will learn the basics of planning, camera set-up, camera settings, in the field techniques,  light painting, star trails, and timelapse videos.  After an hour or two of lecture, each class spends the evening shooting in the park.  Several of these classes are held at the historic Keys Ranch, and these classes provide the only opportunity to photograph this unique area at night.  These are very reasonably priced workshops and lots of fun.  More information is available here.  Please check-out the many wonderful workshops offered by the Desert Institute.

I also offer informal nightscape outings for up to four people, I like to keep it very small. We spend 3 - 5 hours shooting and learning about night photography.   Contact me if interested.

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